Bishop Wesley and Pastor Adriene Knight

Church History

There Is A Word In The Wilderness!!!!!

Approximately ten years ago, Bro Wesley Knight received a word from the Lord: 2 Corinthians 5:17- Therefore if any man be in Christ. He is a new creature (creation): old things are pass away; behold, all things are become new.


In May of 2001, Elder and Sis. Knight formed the New Creation Apostolic Church and realized "For This Cause Were They Born" This ministry was birthed through much prayer and supervision from the watchful eyes and nurturing hearts of Bishop Michael and Pastor Malinda Blue.


Founded in the basement of the home of Pastors Knight, New Creation was given a word from God that the church would relocate in three to six months. We moved in the fifth month. Although we were grateful for the basement experience, we realized "Enough is Enough". We knew that we had to work hard because what God had promised and given us was far larger than the basement. With the encouragement of our pastors, we realized that "There is Hope Where We Are". That statement never rang truer than the moment it was announced that a new location was secured. New location 1060 Broadway Brooklyn, New York 11221. In March 2005, "New Creation Apostolic Church" formally changed if name to New Creation Christian Church ("NCCC").


In December 2010, God kept his promise once again and blessed the New Creation Christian Church to relocate to its present location at 1534 Broadway.


Pastors Knight reminded us on numerous occasions the importance of catching the vision and remaining unified because "Where There Is No Vision, There is Division." We are careful to bring the mission statement of this house to life- Our goal is to reach those men and women, boys and girls who have been wounded through lives unfortunate circumstances. And through the love and Word of Christ, we will nurture them into a new creation; and as a body of believers, we vow to exhort the Lord, edify believers, evangelize the lost and to enhance our community.


Pastors Knight constantly affirm the New Creation church family with the conviction that the name on the outside of the building must be exemplified by the people who are inside.


And today as we celebrate, we have a "Shout of Victory." God has been faithful and with every situation, we can always look back and proclaim. If He Brought Us Through That , He Will Bring Us Through This. "We Continue On" and declare with authority- "Our Time Are In His Hand"!!!


New Creation is in full fellowship with the Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries under the Leadership Of Bishop Michael Blue, Chief Prelate.  New Creation is also the Headquarter Church for the NYC CCFM Leadership Alliance and the Northern Diocese of the Christian Covenant Fellowship Of Ministries.

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Bishop Wesley and Pastor Adriene Knight


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